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Best Photography camera gadgets and accessories are really necessary these days. The purpose of these gadgets helps you to shoot more, makes your images more interesting, and makes processing easier.

These are tons of best photography gadgets and camera accessories are available in the market. We have listed 11
best camera accessories for you, from which you can choose your desired one to make stunning photos and videos.

Tripod (Travel / Carbon Fiber)

A tripod is essential equipment for all photographers. Depending on the type of use, light or heavy, a tripod can be of various configurations.

But if you are looking to travel and also carry a tripod with you always, it is better to go for travel or a carbon fiber tripod. Travel tripods are designed to be light and fold to the minimum dimensions making it easier to carry and transport. A carbon fiber tripod is also the same as a tripod construction.

The only major difference is the carbon fiber construction. Carbon fiber is a light but very strong material that can withstand a huge force or high payloads. All of this without an added weight or in fact lighter.

Spare Battery and Charger

A set of spare batteries and a separate charger will go a long way in your kit. Often, we go to places without power and also unable to charge our devices including the camera batteries.

In such cases, spare batteries will be a boon to the photographers. Spare batteries can either be from the same manufacturer or an OEM supplier who manufactures batteries with the same specification as camera manufacturers do.

Often these batteries will come with a warranty in case of any non-functioning item. One important thing is to buy batteries only from a trusted supplier or manufacturer.

Third-party batteries, especially the cheaper ones have issues and can cause the camera body to fail due to leakage in the battery as a probable cause.

So, it’s better to stick to the manufacturer or OEM suppliers for batteries and chargers.

Ball Head

A ball head is an essential add-on for a tripod. Many tripods come without a ball head and it is an addition to your tripod.

A fluid ball head makes it easier for the photographer to turn and pan the camera or adjust and fix it to the desired position. A ball-head comes with a quick-release attachment to fix or remove the camera as per convenience.

Ball heads also have built-in spirit levels which are very useful to set up the tripod and the camera as straight as possible.

Prime Lens

A prime/block lens is a lens with a fixed focal length and wide-open aperture in most cases. A prime lens is one of the very basic lenses that one must get for his first lens.

Prime lenses come in various focal lengths viz 24mm, 35mm and 50 mm being the most used standard primes. For a new buyer, a 35mm or a 50mm is an ideal choice of focal length which will cover near to slightly far objects and an essential for portraits.

A prime lens is a useful learning tool as it restricts the user to zoom in and he/she has to step forward or backward to get things in the frame which eventually induces the importance of compositions in images.

Camera Snug Skin

Protecting your camera is very important but at times it is difficult to keep an eye and shoot at the same time. A camera snug cover is essentially a camera cover that is shaped according to your camera body.

It is made of silicon and rubber which has a certain thickness and fits snug to your camera body while protecting the camera from minor bumps and other things like a liquid splash.

A camera snug cover, however, would not be able to cover the lens or the entire body but it still offers a decent amount of protection while being cheap to own one.

Remote Shutter Release

A remote shutter release or simply a shutter release is used to trigger a camera’s shutter remotely without having to physically interact with the camera.

A remote shutter release can be a wired one or just a wireless device with connectivity extended by the camera.

A shutter release cable will give you the freedom to move around without having to touch the camera which causes minor shake every time you press the shutter.

Some remote shutter releases also have functions like interval-o-meter and time-lapse which is an advantage to have from a tiny device.


A video microphone or an external microphone for your camera is what you will need if you are into doing proper video work. A dedicated microphone is used to record high-quality audio when shooting video.

The microphone built into the camera is capable of recording sound but does not give you enough dedicated options to control the sound being recorded.

A dedicated microphone is specially built for the cause and can be set according to the requirements of the situation.

Dedicated microphones have switched to change from recording high intensity sounds too low-intensity sounds which makes it a very good accessory to have in your camera bag.

LED Light Panel

Light is important when it comes to photography. The more the light, the better the images are if taken correctly exposed. With more light, the ISO values have to be brought down and the shutter speeds increase.

If you wish to have a source of light with you always, you can go for an LED light panel. It is a panel that has LED lights in rows and emits high-intensity light.

The LED light panels also come with color temperature adjustment and light intensity adjustment. Most of them run of third-party batteries and have a decent performance.

Gorilla Pods / Flexible Tripods

A gorilla pod is like a mini tripod but the design of the legs is what makes it different from every other small tripod. A gorilla pod has flexible legs that can be twisted or bent in any direction according to the need.

The gorilla pod also can be used in unusual places where a tripod/mini tripod cannot be setup. A gorilla pod can be set up anywhere provided there are objects etc. to wrap its legs around tight.

Power Bank / Portable Charger

Out of all the accessories, a power bank is undoubtedly the most useful equipment on today’s date. Not only our smartphones and small cameras but use power banks can also be used to charge camera bodies.

Most manufacturers, especially mirrorless cameras now come with a provision of charging via a USB cable. So, a power bank can be used to charge the camera in case of no power availability.

External Drive/SSD

Last but not least is a drive or storage unit for your images on the go.
Regular shooting needs regular backing up and external storage is all about the space.

You should carry an external drive always when you are traveling and shooting. Regular backing up keeps your images safe in case of a failure of the card etc.

For faster applications, you can also buy an SSD (SOLID State Device).  Which is faster than regular drives but is quite expensive to buy.

However, the newer range of external drives come with faster read times, better operation and reliability so that you are assured of your images being safe.

Photography Camera Gadgets and Accessories Conclusion

We hoped you’ve liked our effort to shortlist list best camera accessories, please do share your view using the comment section below.


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