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Nikon 50mm Nikkor F/1.8D AF Prime Lens for DSLR Camera

Compatible with Nikon F (FX) cameras
Focal length of 50mm and maximum aperture of 1.8mm
Compact and lightweight D-type normal lens

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Nikon 50mm Nikkor F/1.8D AF Prime Lens for DSLR Camera

50 mm Lens compatible with Nikon DSLR Cameras

The Nikon 50mm Nikkor is a very capable lens that has been designed specifically for the Nikon F (FX) range of DSLR Cameras. The lens is a versatile product that will suit the needs of amateurs as well as professional photographers. The 50 mm lens is designed to shoot videos, landscapes, and portraits with the utmost detailing. Since the lens has a very high aperture range, it produces high-quality dynamic images that are high on precision. The lens is made of very lightweight material and is also compact in size. It is convenient to carry around in your photography kit.

Compatibility and Photography Features

The Nikon 50mm Nikkor Lens is ideal for shooting high resolution and dynamic range portraits, landscapes, and videos. With the high aperture range of F/1.8, the lens is capable of giving you detailed photographs at all times of the day and even during low light conditions. The lens allows more light to go into the sensor, thus eliminating the need for an artificial flash and providing bright photographs. The lens also enables you to take advantage of different shooting moves. It supports different manual settings with which you can play around according to your convenience. The lens is capable of turning out stunning photographs regardless of whether you are shooting indoors or out in the open. With a wide landscape mode, you can easily capture beautiful photographs and fluid videos.

Sharp and Natural Images

The lens is created using a six-element structure that allows for more control. With the added benefit of a focal length of 50 mm, you can even shoot clear photographs of objects that are in close proximity to you. This is why the Nikon Nikkor 50mm lens is an ideal lens for portrait photography. It has a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.15x. Moreover, it comes with a 46-degree angle of view.

Other Important Features

With the lens allowing more light to enter the sensor, you can capture crystal clear images in low light conditions and get access to customization. The lens is made using high-quality durable materials that gives this product a sense of longevity. It also has an easy mount mechanism which is another high utility add-on.

Compatible with Nikon F (FX) cameras
The focal length of 50mm and a maximum aperture of 1.8mm
Compact and lightweight D-type normal lens
Nikon Super Integrated Coating for high-contrast images even with the maximum aperture
Great depth-of-field control with down to f/22 of f/stops
No image stabilization
Includes: Front Lens Cap LC-52


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